Corporate Entertainment


Face painting is always a popular activity and great fun. It's something that everyone gets involved in, in fact I don't think I have ever done a job where there wasn't at least one adult who wanted to be painted. And once one starts they all want to join in!

Face painting is not just something to get done - people love to watch it, and the smile at the end (or 'mirror moment') is lovely for everyone to see.

We work to high health and hygiene standards eg a fresh sponge is used to each person and washed in non-biological cleaner at 60 degrees and dried to kill any bacteria before it is re-used. All other equipment is cleaned throughly between jobs as well.

I can provide a detailed Risk Assessment if your company requires one. I can provide proof of PLI insurance at £10m and have a clear enhanced DBS check.

All you need to provide is some space for us to work in. We provide all our own equipment even down to the water we use.

But there is more we can offer than traditional face painting for small children.


Teen Painting

Tribal arm butterfly

They like to think they are too big but you are never too big to be painted.

Lots of teens like to be painted once they realise that its not all tigers and spiderman. I do a lot of teens with neon colours which really 'ping' in the sunshine and glow in UV light and are great at discos.


Adult Painting

Mr Men
Newcastle Uni Graduation Ball

See I told you adults couldn't resist!


Glitter Tattoos

Emily glitter freehand
Glitter scorpions

Also popular with the whole family and a great reminder as they last for up to 5 days.

These can be done freehand as in the picture shown here to give bracelets, names, tribal designs etc. Alternatively they can be done with stencils which come in a large range. Each stencil is only ever used once.


Special Effects

Arron cut

Something a little different - frighten friends and scare parents silly with a gashed hand or even a bullet hole to the head!

These are done using special cosmetic wax and gel blood but washes off easily with just soap and water.