Bump Painting (Gestational Art)

Design chosen by mum to be.
Amy Bump
Amy Bump
Bump Tree

So you have your scan image of your baby but how about getting your bump painted? It's a new and growing area and photos of you and your painted bump make a lovely and unique reminder of a special time.

You can specify a theme/design, ask for a general idea (eg flowers, rainbow etc) or just leave it up to the painters imagination.

If you have children already why not get them involved in the picture too by having a small motif from the main design painted on their faces and they can cuddle up for a group shot.

The painting takes place in your own home so its nice and relaxed. Each design takes between 60 and 90 minutes but don't worry you don't have to sit still for the whole time, you can move as much as you need to and change position.

We can take pictures and email them to you or use your own camera, which ever you prefer.